Value-Added Solutions

We go above and beyond to provide exceptional value to our customers through a range of value-added services. From quick response times to meticulous inspection processes, we prioritize efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction in everything we do.

Machining Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with advanced CNC machining capabilities, including three, four, and five-axis milling. With live tooling and a Y-axis feature, we can perform complex milling operations directly on our lathe, offering unparalleled versatility and precision. Additionally, our CNC turning capabilities allow us to produce high-quality turned parts with exceptional accuracy and consistency. Whether you need intricate components machined from raw materials or modifications made to existing parts, our skilled machinists have the expertise and experience to deliver superior results.

Prototyping Expertise

As a trusted partner in product development, we specialize in rapid prototyping services to help bring your ideas to life quickly and efficiently. Whether you require one-off prototypes or small batch production runs, we have the capabilities and resources to turn your designs into reality. Our streamlined prototyping process ensures fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality, allowing you to iterate and refine your designs with ease. From concept to completion, we are committed to providing comprehensive prototyping solutions that meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Rapid Response

One of our key value-added services is our rapid response time. We understand the importance of timely communication and action, which is why we aim to provide quotes within one business day. Whether you need a price estimate for a new project or revisions to an existing quote, you can count on us to deliver prompt and reliable responses.

Ownership of Thirty Two Machine inspecting parts

Quality Assurance

Quality is non-negotiable at Thirty Two Machine. We understand that your success depends on the reliability and precision of the parts we produce. That's why we implement rigorous quality control measures to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship and accuracy (like AS9100 and ISO9000). Our comprehensive inspection processes guarantee that every component meets your specifications and exceeds your expectations.

Custom Solutions

In addition to our standard services, we offer custom solutions to address your unique manufacturing challenges and requirements. Whether you need specialized machining techniques, assembly services, or material sourcing assistance, we have the flexibility and expertise to tailor our services to your specific needs. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to develop customized solutions that optimize efficiency, quality, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring your complete satisfaction with the end result.

Hands-On Ownership

Unlike larger manufacturing companies where ownership may be distant or detached, at Thirty Two Machine, the owners are intimately involved in every aspect of the business. From placing orders and overseeing production to personally delivering parts to your doorstep, we take pride in our hands-on approach to customer service. This direct involvement ensures accountability, attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Project Management

At Thirty Two Machine, we understand the importance of effective project management and communication throughout the production process. Our dedicated team works closely with you to ensure clear and transparent communication at every stage of your project. We provide regular updates and progress reports to keep you informed of project milestones, timelines, and any potential deviations from the original plan. With our proactive approach to project management, you can trust us to deliver your projects on time and within budget, every time.

Dennis McKenney and sons

Expedited Turnaround

Time is of the essence in the manufacturing industry, and we recognize the significance of quick turnaround times. With our streamlined processes and efficient workflows, we strive to minimize lead times and deliver your parts in a timely manner. Our dedication to expediency ensures that you receive your finished components promptly, reducing downtime and maximizing productivity. We often can finish projects in days that will take other fabrication shops weeks to complete.

Local Engagement

While we serve clients nationwide, we have a special affinity for local businesses in Southern California. We value the opportunity to build lasting relationships with our neighbors and contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community. Whether it's providing personalized customer service or supporting local initiatives, we are committed to fostering meaningful connections and making a positive impact close to home.