We specialize in producing high-quality components for various commercial applications, including commercial refrigeration, industrial machinery, and more.

Commercial Industry Solutions

Our expertise in commercial manufacturing extends to a wide range of components and assemblies. From custom shafts and sprockets to press-in bearings and custom-threaded parts, we have the capabilities to meet the unique requirements of commercial projects. Whether it's drilling, tapping, or threading, we ensure precision and reliability in every component we produce.

Advanced Machining Capabilities

With state-of-the-art equipment and advanced machining capabilities, we can handle a variety of materials and part geometries with ease. Our precision machining processes enable us to achieve tight tolerances, typically ranging from three to five thousandths of an inch. By utilizing thread gauges and rigorous quality control measures, we ensure that every thread meets exact specifications, guaranteeing a perfect fit and optimal performance.

Reliable Quality Assurance

Quality is paramount in commercial manufacturing, and we take pride in delivering components that meet the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to quality assurance is reflected in our meticulous inspection processes and adherence to strict quality control protocols. By maintaining tight tolerances and rigorous standards, we ensure that every component meets or exceeds customer expectations, contributing to the overall reliability and performance of commercial systems and equipment.

Collaborative Partnership

When you choose Thirty Two Machine as your commercial manufacturing partner, you gain a reliable ally dedicated to your success. We prioritize open communication, collaboration, and responsiveness to ensure that your project requirements are met with precision and efficiency. From prototype development to full-scale production, we work closely with you every step of the way to deliver exceptional results that meet your unique needs and specifications.

Commercial Manufacturing Examples