About Us

Here at Thirty Two Machine and Design we pride ourselves on our professionalism, standard of excellence and consistently quick turn-around time on all orders.  We hope that in your search for a reliable machine shop you’ll be impressed by our quality of work, competitive pricing and extensive experience working with many different industries.  

In our thirty one years of crafting the finest metal and plastic parts we’ve served businesses in the medical industry, aerospace industry, built connectors, tooling fixtures and more.

We’ve worked with countless engineers to develop the most optimized parts for their specific needs.  Our in-house, family-run operation provides us degrees of adaptability and customization that a typical machinist struggles to compete with.  We’ll work closely with you and your team to create exactly what your project demands, including custom parts when necessary.  

We’re well versed in the arts of TIG welding and are capable of

  • CNC 4-Axis Milling 30” x 16” x 20”
  • CNC Turning- 8″ Diameter 16″ Long
  • Short run as well as long run production

Look no further in your search for an excellent, dependable CNC machine shop in Santa Ana, CA. Thirty Two Machine and Design is here to produce the highest of quality metal and plastic parts for your project and we guarantee your satisfaction with our work.  Our precision, attention to detail and wonderful customer service will make you eager to choose us for all your welding, fabrication and design needs.

We understand how important it is for your parts to be as exact as possible.  Even when building a single part for a tool or machine with hundreds or thousands of moving pieces it often only takes one imperfection on one little piece to disrupt the workings of the whole.  This is why we hold our work to the highest of standards and never sacrifice quality.  

Sure, the machine shop that offers dependability and quality for a competitive price is hard to find.  But we believe we’re the unicorn you’ve been hunting.  We work with high quality materials, have an impeccable track record and are even conveniently located in Santa Ana, CA.  The consistency we provide coupled with our competitive pricing will win your business for life.

Our CNC machining capabilities are exceptional as is our attention to detail.  Count on a superior product delivered on time when you choose Thirty Two Machine, the best CNC machining Santa Ana has to offer.

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