CNC Milling 
30″ x 16″ x 20″ (762 x 406 x 508 mm)

Thirty-Two Machine Inc. was incorporated in 2015 as a female owned machine shop. We opened our first location in September of 2016 at 2121 S. Grand Ave Santa, Ana CA. We are a small family owned business with 30+ years of manufacturing.

Our machine shop makes parts from metal and plastics for a variety of industries excluding design.

Mission Statement

To be the leader in quick, quality and unique CNC parts made to tolerance. All of our metal and plastic parts are manufactured in the USA on American made machines. We are a family and female owned business that focuses on our customer’s need first.

Quality Policy

32 Machine Inc. is a High Quality Milling and Turning Manufacture and is committed to providing its customers with products conforming to their requirements at a competitive price with great On-time delivery and Quality Management System and Processes.

Quality Standards

Integrity, expertise, care and compassion, ease of doing business

CNC Turning
8″ Diameter and 16 ” Long (with Bar Feeder)